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Josh Grider “Good People”

Josh Grider "Good People"

“Good People” a prominent thing to remember during the seemingly endless times of potholes and rough patches of our life that we face daily.

Grider, very matter of factly points out that indeed, there are still “Good People” in this world if you sit and reflect on the small things we tend to take for granted, an album titled song reminds us of a place we need to appreciate more often. This album oozes and reeks of positivity exuded through his voice and each strum of his guitar, from start to finish.

You can’t listen to this album and still be in the dumps, its pure uplifting! If you’re going through a break-up, in a bind, or simply just going through life’s growing pains, this will do more than help you forget about it, like “Top of The Bottle” makes you feel young, wild and free. The smooth and savory singer echoes on tracks like “How Lucky Am I” and “A Woman” by charmingly arresting your heart with honesty, leaving all of his cards faced up, opening a window to his perspective.

Also, with songs like "Local Honey, and “My First Band” showing off his laid-back delivery and witty transitions but still on point with every note, hitting home as it resonates within your soul. Another track “Sex and Alcohol” providing that ugly truth that we don’t like to admit, with lines like “trust in Jesus, but lock your car, cause it’s a crazy world we’re living in these days” highlighting that we are in a time where “everyone being married to their phone” is common, but not acceptable and doesn’t have to be.

When an artist reveals so much, fearlessly just within a short time, it offers such an intriguing insight into their passions. What more could we ask for? Charming, witty and honest! So much connection with the lyrics because they are truth. Grider perfectly exemplifies longevity, with now standing on the release of his 8th project, luring fans, now like myself on edge for more. This album was simply “Good Timing”.

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