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M Callahan "Working Man"

M Callahan sticks to his ROOTS in his new album Working Man, which embodies country music in every way.

Originating from Texas, his deep, southern voice interweaves perfectly with the distinct background of instruments. M Callahan starts out with a wholesome, soul-filled song entitled “Tell Me.” In this song his soothing backdrop accompanies a layer of vocals enticing his woman to tell him what is on her heart. He then switches the flow up with my personal favorite a guitar infused “Johnny Cash and Jesus Christ.”

After listening to this song, you will realize that both of these men have a lot more in common than just their initials and how you can take inspiration from vastly different artists to create the perfect version of yourself. The title song of this album “Working Man” is a true testament to all that is M Callahan and what he does best which is relatable, tough country done in a way only he can. “Chicken Feed and Barbed Wire” is an astounding farming anthem with a new-age rhythm that will be sure to get you on your feet.

He finishes off Working Man with a piano introduction into a gentle love song entitled “Real Love Isn’t Blind” followed by M Callahan trying to smile through the pain. This album covers a broad spectrum of country music in just twenty-two minutes making it well worth the relatively short listen. I think we should all strive to be somewhere between Johnny Cash and Jesus Christ and also listen to M Callahan’s new album Working Man.

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