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Grant-Lee Phillips “Widdershins”

Grant-Lee Phillips has revived the word “Widdershins” in naming his new album. “Widdershins” means counterclockwise or against the sun’s course and is considered to be very unlucky. I think that Grant-Lee Phillips is using it to question our path in turbulent times.

“Widdershins” is a finely wrought collection of songs, and Grant-Lee Buffalo has produced timely, politically engaged folk rock that looks at the world and asks the question; What is Going On In The World?

Casting his eyes outward, he sings about the division and discord that he sees bubbling beneath the surface in America, hoping to bring humanity back together. Whether he’s singing with an urgency over driving rhythms or gently crooning over piano and strings, Grant-Lee Phillips songs are threaded with a line of hope, trying to find humanity in the world we live in.

Working as a trio with bassist Lex Price and drummer Jerry Roe and recording mostly live in four days in Nashville, the album showcases his soulful, venerable voice, which never fails to catch the meaning in every song. Philipps and his partners rock with conviction and when the tempo slows, the music continues to be full of an emotional force that resonates loudly. Full of passion, heart, courage and strength, “Widdershins” ranks with Grant-Lee Phillips best solo efforts. I highly recommend it.

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