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Tim McGraw Amplifies #NeverAgain Movement

When tragedies like the mass shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, Sandy Hook Elementary and Route 91 Harvest Festival happen, the country music community is always among the first emotional responders.

Last fall, so many country music benefit concerts were organized for those affected by natural disasters and horrific violence nationwide; they could almost be considered their own tour. And musicians are always quick to express their sympathies and offer their support online.

But #ThoughtsAndPrayers and benefits only go so far to bring on the real change that is needed to protect children in America’s schools.

One week after the deadly mass shooting in Florida, Tim McGraw was among the millions of Americans watching as students rallied at the Florida state capitol and Washington, D.C. demanding action on school safety and gun control.

He called Scott Beigel, one of the teachers who died in the Stoneman Douglas shooting, a “true hero,” and was deeply moved by the students’ demonstrations. He also revealed Beigel was a friend of one of his associates.

On Wednesday (Feb. 21) during a listening session at the White House, families affected by gun violence including shootings at Stoneman Douglas, Columbine and Sandy Hook schools plead for action from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Outside on Pennsylvania Avenue and Capitol Hill, hundreds of students demonstrated for their right to be able to go to school and feel protected.

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