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Singer-Songwriter Austin Skalecki Releases New Single “Questions”

The latest single release, Questions from upcoming Wisconsin singer-songwriter Austin Skalecki, takes listeners on a journey of discovering life's meaning through curiosity. The track has become a staple for his developing musical style. It features heartfelt lyrics, memorable guitar melodies, and soothing harmonica leads. “Questions” was released in preparation for his upcoming studio album, “Stand by Me” set to release in Fall 2022. From the upcoming album, fans can expect deep storytelling tracks that relate imagery of nature to life experiences. Austin has already released two additional tracks, “Gone” and “Fly High”, that will be featured on his upcoming album. You can find his music on all major streaming platforms. Be sure to listen to the latest available tracks, and get the full experience of today’s upcoming singer-songwriter Austin Skalecki.

About Austin Skalecki

Austin has put a lot of focus into his latest acoustic tracks which have elements of folk, blues, and americana music. Playing acoustically he feels he is able to authentically express himself at a personal level for his listeners.

When diving into his recent lyrical writing you will find many instances where he expresses elements of nature. Aside from his music, Austin enjoys the outdoors, living off the land, and being a free spirited traveler. Nature holds a strong place in his heart, and personal life that helps his music connect to listeners all over. Join him on his journey of life and music!

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