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Pretty Little Secrets by Grifters & Shills Review

Texas-based, Rock/Folk duo Grifters & Shills, made of married couple, John and Rebecca Stoll, release newest album, Pretty Little Secrets. Their style of music is interesting and has been known to be called an “amped up Johnny Cash and June Carter. Throughout the album, the melodies share a similar theme, but the tempo varies. The band has the talent to incorporate multiple instruments that is played themselves. The couple displays perfect harmony in their music and with each other.

The 15-track album can be found beginning with an upbeat tempo about faith in “Running Out.” Throughout the album, one can find songs that are a good listen in the car and other songs as a dance mix. Tracks “Never Again (Again)” and “2-55” are tunes personal favorites with the smooth guitar and good time vibes. To add some intensity to the album, the duo adds tracks such as “Disappear” and “When the Deed is Done.”

Track two, “Music Man,” is full of grit and confidence that can be shared with songs “Keepin Score” and “Sweeter with Wine.” If you are looking for deep emotion, then listen to track “Hell and High Water,” as the musical duo embraces sadness and melancholy. This track is followed by a similar theme “Last Leaf Has Fallen.” The couple ends the album with a short and slow track, “Somewhere to Go,” that gives the audience peaceful harmonica between verses and distinct guitar.

Listening to this album was an adventure, a rather enjoyable one at that. The journey consists of mixed emotions between sadness and a rebel side. This skilled and creative couple knows the music they make and know how to share it with the world.

Written by Hannah Schaeffer


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