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Michael J. Valentine New Album "Alive"

Michael J. Valentine is really a jack of all trades as he's a singer-songwriter that also plays all of his own instruments. He’s a unique talent that is capable of playing guitar, piano, drums, and of course produces his own vocals. Valentine’s mission is to uplift people with his graceful mix of Christian gospel and rock, creating timeless sounds that can be enjoyed for generations. Alive is the latest album produced by Valentine and it's a record that spreads a message of faith, joy, and love to anyone who listens. After writing over one hundred songs and multiple albums, Valentine has really brought a new energy to his newest album which makes it well worth a listen.

The 12 song album opens up with a track called “Rise.” It's a seven minute classic rock inspired Christian song that has a strong message to “Rise Up” and build a closer relationship with the lord. The album continues on a funkier note with the second song, “Brave.” The fast paced tune and catchy lyrics are really easy to get hooked on, leaving the listener unapologetically singing the song throughout the day.

“Rockin’ Steady” is by far my favorite song on this entire album. It starts with a fast finger pickin’ guitar followed by some high pitched vocals that just scream rock n’ roll. This song really speaks to Valentine's abilities to use a wide range of pitches in his vocals to create sounds that are unique throughout every track. The energy really blasts off with “Beautiful Life”, the first minute of the song has a metal hook that leads off with a piercing electric guitar and a heavy drum pedal. Towards the end, the tune slows down enough to allow Valentine to showcase his talent as a true singer-songwriter through powerful lyrics and a rockstar voice.

Towards the bottom half of the album, Valentine really starts to mellow the mood with a softer vibe. “Human Kindness” has an acoustic style sound that is bound to calm the soul. His lyrics “What the world needs is love, sweet love. All we need is peace” perfectly sums up the delicate tune of this song. Similarly, “Thankful” is another acoustic melody that is as meaningful as it is calming. The album wraps up with “Kingdom of Glory”, a slow tempo jazz inspired rock ballet. This is the first song that Valentine really shows the listeners that he can use storytelling just as well as any other singer-songwriter.

Michael Valentine brings the energy with this Christian Rock album. Throughout the album, Valentine shows us that he can use a range of vocals, amazing instrumental abilities, and inspiring songwriting to produce a one of a kind album. He’s been writing songs for over 30 years and I can confidently say that this is the best one yet! Hurry and check out Michael Valentine’s new album, Alive.

Reviewed by Thomas Biaggi


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