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Micah Edwards Releases New Album “Jean Leon”

The new album “Jean Leon” by Micah Edwards combines a mixture of Neo-Soul, Jazz and Pop throughout the tracks of his new ten song album. Hailed as "Mr. Texas Soul", Micah Edwards brings his sleek style of infusing a combination of popular genres together to form a sound that this Houston native has carved out for himself.

The first track on the new album "Water & Oil" is a driving song with an unforgettable rhythm to it, mixed with a horn section that encompasses some obvious soulful Jazz influences. The following track which is the title of the album "Jean Leon" to me is reminiscent of a shagging song from the likes of Chairman of the Board, which is what you want to hear cruisin' to the beach.

Other tacks like "The Race" and "To Mama" definitely stand out on this record. Micah's vocals are smooth and on point and that makes it hard to change tracks on this album and just let it all play! Songs like "Time" and "She Will" introduce some nice ballads just in time to slow things down and catch your breath before it picks back up with ""Can't Without You", which shows his southern flair thrown in to an already nice record.

Very pleased with getting turned onto this album and I suggest you do the same. Visit for links to pick up and stream the new album "Jean Leon" and to keep track on all things Micah Edwards.

Reviewed by Robert Jamison


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