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Linen Ray Releases New Album "On the Mend"

Folk-Rock duo Linen Ray have released their latest album entitled "On the Mend". Hailing from Nashville, TN, the duo is blending traditional Americana with a touch of rock. "On The Mend" combines the different genres nicely which will give this duo some substantial cross-over appeal with audiences throughout the country.

The album captures influences of such artists as Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Lucinda Williams to name a few, while encompassing lead vocals that resemble Christine McVie. Rebekah and Gabriel that make up the Linen Ray duo, manage to hook you on the first song "Try" which is inspirational for anyone looking to never give up. "Love Ain't Easy" and "Can't Stop" are personal favorites of mine as it captures some nice bluesy undertones that make for a solid addition to this twelve song album. A pleasant surprise was their rendition of James Taylor's "Fire and Rain" which is a very nice Americana spin on such a classic tune.

While "On the Mend" is conspicuously Southern, it would be a mistake to view it as simply a Southern folk and Americana album. There are some interesting nuances that set it apart from other folk and Americana-influenced albums.

Overall, Linen Ray's twelve track album has variety and solid consistency in its tone. "On the Mend" feels like a cohesive work from beginning to end, as Linen Ray effectively match the pacing between their songs. "In the Fire" and “In My Life Again” are other tracks worth mentioning off the new album that seem to fit well into the album’s narrative and keep it on course. This is a very nice album worth checking out on iTunes and I look forward to seeing them on tour.

Reviewed by Robert Jamison


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