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Brandi Carlile “By The Way, I Forgive You”

Brandi Carlile is a singer/ songwriter who has been lending her voice to Pop, Blues, R&B, Rock, and Country tracks for over a decade.

Now in her sixth album, “By The Way, I Forgive You” she shows off her traditional country and western vocal style. The Americana album is an emotional and empowering peace with songs about heartbreak, addiction, suicide, starting over, and growing up.

Throughout the album, you can feel Carlile’s emotional attachment to each and every song. The featured track on the album is “The Joke.” A tribute to kids that don’t fit into traditional roles. It is perfectly relevant to what kids today are going through, and mirrors the social issues happening in our society.

If you are going to listen to one track on the album, my personal favorite is “Every time I Hear That Song” because of its relatability and flawless execution of heartbreak. I’m a sucker for a good heartbreak song, and Carlile perfectly executed just one of the many emotions one feels during a breakup. This track speaks to the point in time during a breakup where you start to feel fine, until one thing happens and you are reminded of your ex all over again.

I think most people can attest to how upsetting that moment can be. Carlile also speaks a lot about feeling empowered knowing you are doing okay without the person you once loved, and they might even be worse now that you are gone. In the end, forgiveness and moving forward is always the answer which is something Carlile preaches.

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