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I'm With Her "See You Around"

“What a delightful surprise!” “These women are virtuous on their own” “..something fresh & exciting within the Americana music scene.”

These are the words coming from fans across the globe. I’m With Her is capturing the hearts of music lovers with their official full album release titled See You Around. You may recognize the band, I’m With Her, from last year’s EP release and tour with the Punch Brothers.

I’m With Her is composed of artists Sara Watkins, Sara Jarosz, and Aoife O’Donavan.

These three creative minds got together after performing an impromptu show at the Telluride Bluegrass festival. They are also known for their performance at the music festival, Newport Folk. All three women are well respected in the music industry. Each artist brings an individualized talent to create a collaboration that syncs well in harmony. See You Around does a superlative job of exposing every singer’s vocals, as well as musical talents.

The album conveys a sense of peace among its listeners and carries out the perfect balance between instrumentals and vocals. Each song keeps you on the edge of your seat as you anticipate which set of vocals you’ll get the pleasure of hearing first. The song “See You Around”, which the album is titled after, delivers a story about saying goodbye to a heartbreaker that unravels throughout the 3 minute and 48 second song. This song in particular is my favorite because it fully shows the band’s creative flow.

All twelve songs on the album are original songs by I’m With Her. It is becoming less common for artists to write every song on their album, but I’m With Her did it and they did it well. I fully expect for their success and fan base to continue to cultivate. I look forward to hearing more from this distinguished band.

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