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The Wood Brothers "One Drop of Truth"

The Wood Brothers have released “One Drop of Truth” their seventh studio album, and just their second with Honey Jar Records. The album consists of fired up folk and upbeat blues.

Chris and Oliver grew up listening to their father strum a guitar around a campfire. They have been playing music their whole lives, however they didn’t begin playing together early on. It wasn’t until Oliver sat in with Madeski Martin & Wood, when Chris realized that they should have been playing together all along. The modern day blues brothers joined with Jano Rix in 2004, creating one of today’s greatest Folk & Blues bands. One Drop of Truth is somewhere in between a sold out amphitheater and that same bonfire where they listened to their dad tell stories. "Happiness Jones” is exactly as the title reads.

A song that will get you dancin’ or at least snappin’ your fingers. “All of my peace and quiet, Came from putting out fires, Yeah I kept a spark alive to get happy” Lyrics of a realist using the power of positivity to carry happiness through their day. A few tracks such as “Laughin’ or Crying” and “Sparkling Wine” boast the vocals of the group, but every song has something great in its own way.

“This Is It” has a great feeling that grows on you. “Why do I try to change the world, when all I need is some love?” A very valuable question we often forget to ask ourselves. Not an easy task to comeback with a better album than their first with Honey Jar Records in 2015. “Paradise” was an instant hit, but you can tell they had something unique happen in every different studio that they recorded “One Drop of Truth” in.

This album is a must listen and they are touring all summer.

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